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Tea by Post - Cuppa Tea Pet? April 2014

Pop the kettle on lovies it is tea time again! This months 'cuppa tea pet?' I am talking all about one company but different types of tea. Oh keep reading as there is a giveaway right at the bottom of the blog!

I came accross Post Tea when a suggested advert came up on my Facebook home page. Of course not one to turn anything to do with tea down, I 'liked' the page and I am so glad that I did because a couple of days later the lovely lady who owns the company posted about a new sampler box. The sampler box is simply that, lots of lovely individually wrapped packets of loose leaf tea so you can try in a smaller size before committing to purchase a larger one. Perfect!

All the individual packets of loose leaf tea came individually wrapped in little packets that look so sweet, it really was a delight to open and see all their little cute and happyness in the box. I am a bit of a packing nerd and I like to 'feel special' about things, I know that is probably hard to explain. I like to feel good about using a product and I really liked the feeling that these gave me. I felt instantly good about the tea before I had even tasted it.

The tea is all loose leaf which in my connoisseur capacity I believe to be the best kind. The tea was all kept perfectly fresh and dry in their little packets and arrived to me in the most perfect of conditions. I took a photo of a couple of them so you could see what they looked like.

Lemon Gunpowder

Refreshing Infusion

Pepperming Infusion
Of course I am into tea in a big way, I think you know that by now right? So it is safe to say that I have one or two tea strainers, but don't worry if you don't, because little tea bags were included so you can make your own little tea bags. It is little touches like this from companies that makes me so happy. I had no idea that they would be included but a very nice touch indeed.

I also ordered the Spring Tea set which was again delightful and beautifully packaged.

And also came with a tea ball strainer so no worries if you don't already have one !

The three teas that were included in the box were Spring Spritzer, Camomile Infusion and Strawberry Split.

I have thoroughly enjoyed most of the teas and I will definitely be placing future orders for myself and for gifts. I am rather taken by the 'make your own chait tea kit' where you can mix and match the spices so you get it just right for you. I am also really tempted for later on in the year with the Tea Advent calendar, how exciting, a different tea every day during advent!

Well that was a bit of an overview on the company and the tea that I bought and as I have said I was very impressed and will definitely be making future purchases. If you would like to know my opinions on the taste of each individual tea, please do watch the video...

PLEASE NOTE: Any of the links in this post to the Post Tea website are NOT affiliate links. This video / blog is in no way sponsored by the company. I purchased the tea myself and am sharing my own views and opinions with you just because I love tea and I love this company too! The photography is also my own.


Post Tea have offered a giveaway to my lovely Blog & YT watchers and readers of one of the original tea sampler boxes and one of the feeling groovy mugs as shown in the video, please just enter below...

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