Friday, 14 November 2014

The Planner Addict Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Vienna, aka My Planner on YouTube to take part in "The Planner Addicts Tag!". I love taking part in fun tags like this so here are my responses...

1. What planner are you currently using? 
I am currently using the personal size Ochre Malden.

2. What planner(s) have given you planner peace? 
Definitely the Malden, it is everything I thought it would be and more. I also found peace with the nude original, again in personal size.

3. Filofax, Midori or Erin Condren? 
Filofax. Always. I down own a fauxdori but I am using that as a journal and notebook rather than a planner. I like the look of the EC's mainly due to the large 'boxes' and all of the beautifully decorated pages I have seen than for the planner itself.

4. Pocket, personal, A5, or binder? 
Ha ha all of them! I have them all but....personal is my current favourite. I will do a video soon on why I have or do use the sizes that I do.

5. Where do you get inspired the most? YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest? 
Instagram without a doubt. I always check instagram first thing in the morning with my breakfast and periodically throughout the day too!

6. What's your go to pen? 
Errrmmmm lots! I have many on my desk but the one in my FF is currently a Paperchase one.

7. What are your favorite inserts? 
The ones that I designed for myself and now sell in my Etsy shop of course :D

8. Stickers, post-it's, or page flags? 
I love stickers but I do have a tendancy to hoard them quite a bit. I do love my sticky notes for jotting down the odd note or two as well.

9. Keep it simple or deck it out? 
Somewhere in between the two. I like to keep it fairly simple and uncluttered to help me stay more organised but I do like to decorate and personalise too.

10. How many sections do you have in your planner? 
I currently have four but I do have sub sections within those too. I will do a seperate video / blog with a set up tour probably in a fortnight.

11. Do you use a planner for school? 
Gosh, I left school in 1999 at the age of 18 so no, too old for school. I bought my first FF when I grauated from University in 2002.

12. Rings, spiral bound, discbound or other? Why? 
Rings, I just love to be able to change and move my pages around which a spiral bound doesn't offer. I may be silly but I worry about pages staying in with a disc bound system!

13. Do you use a dashboard? How?
I am the dashboard queen lol! I have a lot of them because I make them to sell in my Etsy shop. I use them as a bit of eye candy when you open your planner, for attaching sticky note reminders too and also to protect the pages etc underneath.

I am not sure who has and hasn't done this tag, so if you haven't done it I tag you!!

If you would like to watch the original video of this tag you can do so below...

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