Thursday, 12 February 2015

It's been all go here!

Hello everyone. Things have been a bit slow and quiet on the little old blog front haven't they? To be fair I have also been quiet on YouTube too! I am still posting regularly over on instagram although naughty me, I am a day or two behind on the daily photo challenege but I have time to catch up.

So what has been going on here in Anna land? Well this last week or so has been a whirlwind of crazy in the Brim household. We have been without hot water or heating for days and it is going to be yet more days until we get some. Argghhhhh! Not good for winter although it is milder than it has been thankfully. We had our boiler serviced but in doing so it was then condemned as they found out it was leaking and very dangerous. Not good indeed. The past week I have had a British gas engineer here every day. EVERY DAY. For hours at a time. Hopefully today the new boiler will be ordered and it can be installed early next week. You don't realise how much you rely on one until you don't have it. Oh and who knew boilers cost so freaking much! Geeez it's like taking out a new mortgage. It is old so I guess it was only a matter of time but still! So between phone calls and house visits with British Gas, we have been snuggling to keep warm and boiling the kettle every time we want warm / hot water. Fun times!

My darling girls have had their ups and downs this week. Splodgey as you know has been up and down the past few months with her health. She is 9 and has a tumour on her tummy which isn't bothering her at all, there has been no change but she has now developed one on her mouth. The vets says she is not in any pain but it is interfering with her eating. She is still a happy bunny and enjoys sitting and watching the babies play around. She prefers to just sit and watch them rather than joining in but she is still happy. She comes running out in the morning to say hello which melts my heart every single day. She has slowed down loads, like most old folks do I guess and she is also a lot more cuddly lately. This is a big thing as both Splodge and Nibbles came from a home with domestic abuse and at some point they had their legs broken. When we first got them it took a while for them to accept us and they weren't keen on being touched. So for Splodge to be all cuddley and want to be held is a massive thing. Like a lot of old folks she can't chew hard stuff any more so she is on mushed up food. As I say she is still happy and lively, she just needs help to eat. Mummy has to syringe her some food every now and then and all food she is eating has to be wet, soft and mushy. We know we have that awful time approaching, goodness knows when, of, you know, making that final decision. Never a nice thing to think about or have to do.

Nibbles too has a problem with her teeth and had to have an operation on her molars. She was a good girl and got through the operation with no problems and has been eating like a trooper ever since. With Splodge slowing down, Nibbles has been taking over the parenting of the babies. Luna Petunia Macaroon and Florence Tinkerbell (yes I know!!!!!) have settled in nicely and I now call them my three amigos. They are inseperable which is lovely. As I say Splodge just likes to watch. Oh my goodness the babies have sooooooooo much energy it is crazy. They are into everything and anything, it is exhausting just watching but it is nice to have them around and has given Nibbles a spring in her step which is lovely to see.

The piggies are as cheeky as ever. They were so funny the other day, I thought I was going to have a complaint from British Gas about one of their members of staff having been harrassed. The whole time he was working on the boiler (which is in their room), Betty was whoooooping at him, starring at him and pacing up and down her house every where he went in the room. It was quite funny really!

It only took us a year and a half but we finally found furniture that we both liked and it was delivered last Friday. I love it and it makes the living room look nice and homely. The babies sneak in there every now and then even though they know they are not allowed, they are chewers and I just don't want them chewing my new furniture! All of my photos in this post are taken from my instagram feed because I am too lazy to take some photos. I will soon though and show you what it looks like. I love it and couldn't be happier. We went for the Cambridge range from Next.

What else is there to update you on? Well I have quite a few things in the pipeline that I am working on behind the scenes as it were and hopefully it won't be too long before I can show and tell! One of the things is I am talking to a lovely high end company in the States about stocking their products so hopefully I will be able to update you on that soon.

I am working on some new printable planner inserts but as with all of my inserts I like to give them a good 'road test' before I release them for free or for sale. As all of my inserts are ones that I use too so I gotta make sure that they work and don't need any tweaks or anything. Hopefully I will be able to show those off in the coming weeks.

Talking of showing off, I know that my Websters Pages Color Crush planner in winging it's way to me and I am giddy excited about getting that and showing it off. Eeeeek, I seriously can't contain my excitement. Please tell me that other people get this excited by new planners!

I have been working hard on the next Brimbles Box which is the March one, due to dispatch at the end of February. I hope you like it. I have been working hard to find new suppliers and to put it together for you. I will be revealing the contents of the February box, probably tomorrow. I know a lot of you have probably seen it but I don't like to do an official reveal here on the blog until I know that people have received theirs and I know my friends in the States take a little longer.

mmmm yes lastly (as I know this is a rather long blog post now!) I for a while now have wanted to change the design elements of the blog and website but wasn't sure in what direction. I was just growing bored of it you know. I don't know why, I just was and fancied a change so this morning I got up and decided to change my logo, graphics and design elements. What do you think? I like it, it is much more in keeping with what I wanted. I wanted something much 'cleaner', classic and versatile which I think this is now. I would love to know what you think too!

Right then me dears, I am going to end this post now before it becomes huge!!! I am sure there is more to update you on lol! So hopefully I will be back with more blog and youtube content soon. oh p.s. please check out my friends blog The Prudent Pair as I have been guest blogging over there. They are a fledgling blog so they would love to have some support.



  1. Oh no, I hate problems with boilers. It is one of my fears actually, as the one year, a man came to service my boiler, and as he put his toolbox on the landing floor, he must have hit a weak floorboard, my hall ceiling came crashing down with water gushing everywhere and pipes dangling down. Total nightmare. I hope Splodge is okay, Daniel is always asking about her and telling me to ask you to give her a cuddle from him. Cannot wait to see your new planner. I love my Color Crush planner, it goes everywhere with me. Sorry about the long comment, but felt there was so much to talk to you about. xx

    1. oh my word that sounds like a totaly nightmare!
      oh bless him that is so sweet x

  2. Wow sounds like a ton has been going on! Glad you found furniture you liked, thats always fun and exciting. But i am certain you could do without all the excitement of having to buy a new boiler! My mom had to just have hers fixed and it was 600 dollars just for the repair! I can't imagine what one would cost. Sorry to hear that splodge has another tumor. I'm glad though that she is cuddly and making her last bit of life memorable with you and with her bunny/piggie family. I'm glad that splodge has her amigos too so the transition in the future won't be as difficult as it would be if she were alone. I wish i could have seen betty giving the gas man the piggie stare! I would have had a hard time not laughing. As always you are talented and amazing and will have the stars and the moon and anything else you reach for. I can't wait to share in your excitement when you get your new planner, and am looking forward to a video when you can. I know all too well how life just gets in the way sometimes and thats ok, to take a hiatus every now and again.

    1. it's more like sometimes I don't feel like I have the mental space to process you know. That and I am recovering from a barrage of hate mail but I am not gonna let that stop me, I just needed a break from it. Creating content can at time be exhausting!

  3. but still! So between phone calls and house visits with British Gas, we have been snuggling to keep warm and boiling the kettle every time we want warm / hot water. Fun times! article source