Sunday, 27 January 2019

Tracking Washi tape - Planner tricks & tips

Every year the wonderful Mrs Brimbles releases a Washi Advent Box for December (not available currently - it's January after all, but stay tuned for later in the year!) and I love getting it because who doesn't love opening a present a day for an entire month? While December is long since gone, I was left with a neat little pile of wonderful washi tapes that will inevitably end up in my two big crates washi tapes and it's entirely likely that I'll forget the wonderful patterns that I have. This year, instead of being entirely forgetful (like I normally am), I decided to go back to doing something I haven't done in ages and that's keeping a washi log. It's pretty simple: I simply use a bit of washi as a sample on some paper in my planner so that I can flip to it whenever I need to find the right washi tape for a project. If you watch the quick video above, you'll see how I do it - it's not rocket science, or even a completely new idea, but it is one that allows you to refer back to it time and time again. Now, so far I've only done the 2018 Washi Box (mostly because my crates of tape are a vaguely terrifying prospect to create samples from) but I do aim to get to the rest of my tapes in 2019.

  What is your tip or trick for keeping track of your washi tapes?


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Thursday, 24 January 2019

January Planner Layout

 Hello lovely planner friends. Here in Australia, I'm currently sitting in air-conditioning to save myself from the 40 degree weather - and while I'm not a fan of the very hot Summer weather we get here, it's a great opportunity for me to break out my very favourite colours in my planner. Read: pink. While the sticker kit I used for this layout (An English Garden Sticker Bundle) is technically a Spring layout, the bright colours really remind me of Summer, because everything's so light and bright outside.


When I use my vertical planner pages, I love to use a quote/motivational sticker in the top left hand corner - it's the first part of the page and I find it really helps to have something inspiring to read and think about each week. I'm also not super strict about using my habit trackers - they're mostly there as a reminder of things I should be doing. (The reality is I probably should be paying more attention to them, but it's ok - life happens!)


Another quick tip: this kit came with gorgeous illustrated and photographic full boxes, which I loved using, but sometimes you just need to make your own boxes! The little girl with the watering can in the bottom left corner is one of Anna's illustrations on top of a blank box and I love the way it looks with the girl coming off the side of the boxes. It adds just a touch more whimsy (and makes me so happy!).


We all know there's no one 'right' way to plan in your planner - your system and your decorations (if you choose to decorate) have to suit you and your lifestyle. Being happy with what you create is the most important thing! I love how this layout turned out, and every time I see it I smile. That's how I know it works for me.

Have a wonderful day and keep on planning!

If you like this idea, you may like to follow my videos on Youtube. Each week I post planner videos as well as other content, such as book reviews and crafty projects.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019