Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pocket Letters - Incoming & Outgoing!

I am still so madly in love with Pocket Letters. It is seriously addicting as most people who make them will also tell you. It is not just me, everyone, everywhere is loving them. I tell you, that Janette Lane woman is a genius lol!

So I thought I would share with you some of my incoming and outgoing pocket letters. I also filmed an 'unpocketing' video he he!

From here on in it is just going to be photos because frankly they are so stunning, inspiring and creative that they say enough on their own without my yabbering! So incoming...

And here at the couple that I sent out this week...

Want to know more about Pocket Letters?

UK Planner addicts Pocket Letter Facebok Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/377324022460636/?fref=ts

So the creator of pocket letters is Janette Lane and you can find her all over the intermewebs here...

Pocket Letter Pals™ Network: www.pocketletterpals.com
Instagram: @janettelaneblog & @pocketletters
Blog: http://janettelane.blogspot.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thejanettelane

Looking for a pen pal or want to do a Pocket Letter Swap?

If you are looking for a pen pal or pocket letter swap partner please feel free to use the comments section. In past videos, loads of people said they were looking but no one replied to each other so maybe do that as some people may have already said they are looking. It is best to say whether you are looking for a one off or long term pen pal / pocket letter swap, whether you want international or what Countries etc. I will leave the rest up to you and then you can connect with people and share addresses privately.

I can't take on any more swaps at the moment but when I can again I will post an 'advert' on instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Monday, 30 March 2015

How to make Ribbon paper clips for your planner or journal

I found some Easter ribbon long forgotten hidden away in a draw and have since been obsessed with making Easter ribbon clips and clips with other ribbon too because I have been scouring the house looking for as many ribbons as I can find! I shared this photo on instagram the other evening (excuse the very poor lighting, it was evening) and I was asked if I would be able to share a tutorial on how to make them - of course!! I am only too happy to share my knowledge when and where I can.

I filmed a video tutorial as it is easier to show you that way rather than in a blog post with loads of photos. It is really easy and you can see why I have been on a making frenzy! This is just my way so I don't know if there is another way of doing it but it is just the way that works for me.

I hope you have loads of fun! Please do tag me in any photos as I would love to see your creations. Happy ribbon clip making x

Sunday, 29 March 2015

I'm so ready for it - This weeks pages

Even though it is dark and gloomy with rain battering against my windows today, I feel in a really Spring like mood. I am so ready for April but more importantly I am so ready for Easter next week!

Products Used
Planner: Websters Pages Color Crush Planner in White with matching folio
Planner Inserts: Websters Pages week on two pages
Washi Tape: MT Brand but I can't remember where I purchased these from.
Stickers: Hobbycraft - I bought mine in store in the Easter aisle, they don't seem to have them online.
Journal Cards: Websters Pages - These are the days 'April'
'Art' Postcard: Unknown, sorry!
Paperclips: Ribbon Bow - Hey Charlie, Rabbit shape - Paperchase, Gold Bow - Kate Spade
Creme Egg Planner Charm - My Etsy Shop
Belle & Boo Stationery Set - My Etsy Shop
Dashboard - My Etsy Shop

There was a whole great big yummy mess on my desk which I just scooped up and arranged a little bit nicer for a photo he he! Such a nice way to spend a wet Sunday me thinks!

Easter chocolate here we come...

Planner problems huh...I love all these cards and can't decide what to use when and how lol! I like to pop a card in between my pages for prettiness and extra notes and the like but oh I can't decide, I like them all!!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Filofax Domino - Thoughts & Feelings

The Domino. A well known Filofax that has been arround for some time now but one I think is often over looked for some of the other better known such as the much coveted Malden. For a long time I wanted the ultra violet. I longed for it and lusted over the rich gorgeous purple colour. Be still be beating heart I used to say, one day you WILL be mine. Well as you can imagine it did become mine. I saw it on offer one day I made a cheeky purchase BUT it was not the dream I thought it was going to be.

I didn't like it. I loved the colour, that still had my heart but the planner itself. Nope. So it sits on my shelf housing some older inserts. I love the colour so just can't bear to part with it but I don't love the planner.

So let's fst forward some time shall we. Filofax launched their new Spring range and in it were the new patent Domino Filofax in turquoise and hot pink. They turned my head I can tell you! I loved the colour but I wasn't falling for that trap quite so easily this time, I wanted to be cautious and so I asked around in planner groups and the like to see what people thought of them. The general consensus was that it was love, unconditionally love, so that won it for me.

Colemans had a discount on some of the Filofax range and the new patent Dominos happened to be in that sale, well as I had a birthday coming up, I may have forwarded the details to Mr B, who so very kindly bought me the turquoise A5 aaaaaaand. BOOM! Love at first sight.

Did I say I love it! ha ha! OK so I love it so much that I treated myself to the pink one too whilst the offer was still on and once again....BOOM! Love!

But why? Why Do I love them so...
  • The colour - they are such gorgeous rich colours, with lots of depth
  • Elastic pen loop - it is elastic so you can pretty much fit any size pen in there and it is in the matching planner colour
  • Elatic wrap closure - what I don't like about the ultra violet is that the elastic is thick, not stretchy and not the same colour whereas the patent domino is exactly the reverse and so easy to use.
  • The floppy cover - I love the floppiness. It is not to floppy to be annoying yet I love it. The ultra violet is so stiff and rigid...bleugh!
  • It lays flat - from day one unlike the ultra violet that still doesn't!

My could live withouts...
  • Because of the patent it is a dust magnet which you can probably see in the photos. It does love to pick up every little speck! It also scratches easily. I use my planners and I mean really use them, they go wherever and I am not precious of them but that means I have certainly tested them out.
  • There are no card pockets. None. That bugs me. It does have a roomy secretarial pocket but I want little slots too.
  • No notepad. This could just be from Colemans but every other Filofax I have had has come with the pad in the back. This is not a deal breaker as I can add one but it was a bit like....hmpf...where is it!
So all in all a lovely planner and one which I am enjoying using ever so much. I will do a set up of how I am using the turqoise, that is all for my Fluffy babies. The pink one I won't be doing though as that has all information pertaining to the Brimbles Box and is confidential I am afriad but I know you will understand that a girl has to have some boundaries.

Do you have any of the Dominos? What do you think of yours?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bunny Speed Paint

It has been forever since I did a speed paint video so I thought it was time I did one! Not the best bunny I have ever painted but not the worst either lol!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Using Your Planners : Tips from our Designers

In case you don't read it and you are interested...I am on the Websters Pages Blog today!! Yahoooooooo!! You can read it here :D

So it is sheep! - This weeks pages

This week there is no planner Friday post like there would normally be. This week has been one endless round of vets trips with both a poorly piggy and a very poorly bunny and then a poorly me! Phew! I will be glad when the weekend is here although vets trips don't stop there, Florence has to go for a daily vet check following her injury / surgery poor little love. Anyways I did a DITL vlog today so I will let you watch that for the full update.

Did you guys get to see the solar eclipse today? It was amazing and kind surreal. I loved it!

Made me feel quite insignificant really!

So I thought I would share my pages with you today to make up for the lack of content today so let's crack on! I decorated these this afternoon after watching the eclipse this morning. Now I kinda wanted to do something related but then I thought I am decorating for next week and not this week so a bit pointless really.

I got a bit 'green' with envy over all the green pages I saw popping up last week for St Patricks Day so I thought I would have my green week this week and I also had the sheep stickers from the March Brimbles Box that I wanted to use. So sheep it is!

Products Used
Planner: Websters Pages Color Crush Planner in White
Planner Inserts: Websters Pages week on two pages
Washi Tape: Green horizontal Stripe Washi: My Etsy Shop
Sheep washi tape from a RAK
Stickers: Sheep felt stickers from my Etsy shop
Paperclip: Red Penny Press on Etsy
Sheep sticky notes: Tesco

I think it is so important to just be who you are and be unique but just every now and then we need remind of that!

Luckily the inspirational tag on the white Color Crush also reminds us to 'be yourself'.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend xx

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Incoming & outgoing Pocket Letters

Lets talk pocket letters again because quite frankly I am a little bit addicted. Who knew that they could be so much fun. I do still love more of a written letter with my pen pals but I am enjoying this little creative outlets with my one time swap partners. I am slowly getting them in and and then slowly replying (we are all busy, right? so totally not complaining) and I thought I would share some with you for fun and also if you are looking for inspiration.

So let's start with the ones that I have received...

Someone knows what my favourite colour is huh

Seriously how cute is this envelope? Little jumping bunnies all over it gives the true meaning of 'happy mail' to me! She even very sweetly sent me a Peter Rabbit postcard which I love!

How cute are the little vintage playing cards tucked into each pocket!

I really love the idea of sending seeds, fabulous! I guess I probably shouldn't to over seas swaps though?

And on to the ones that have sent out this week...

I tuck my 'bits' in to the back of the pocket because after they have removed them I still want the pocket letter to look pretty and not as if things have been taken out!

So first off we have this one for the lovely Serena Bee who loves all things Creepy Cute! I had loads of fun drawing quirky little girls to add to her pocket letter and I just hope that she likes it!

OK so here are some more. You will notice that my PL follow similar themes and that is because I create them together at the same time so end up using the same bits and bobs. I am going to do a video soon on making stuff for your PLs and this will be a collaboration with a fellow YouTuber so watch out for that!

And after seeing other photos on instagram I decided I had better up my game a bit with my envelopes too! lol!

I can't physically take on any more swaps at the moment but as soon as I can I will post on instagram that I am looking.

Some of you have said that you were having trouble in the UK locating the pockets so if you are, I have managed to score a load and have them for sale in my Etsy shop.

I wonder what will come through the door next!