Friday, 27 March 2015

Filofax Domino - Thoughts & Feelings

The Domino. A well known Filofax that has been arround for some time now but one I think is often over looked for some of the other better known such as the much coveted Malden. For a long time I wanted the ultra violet. I longed for it and lusted over the rich gorgeous purple colour. Be still be beating heart I used to say, one day you WILL be mine. Well as you can imagine it did become mine. I saw it on offer one day I made a cheeky purchase BUT it was not the dream I thought it was going to be.

I didn't like it. I loved the colour, that still had my heart but the planner itself. Nope. So it sits on my shelf housing some older inserts. I love the colour so just can't bear to part with it but I don't love the planner.

So let's fst forward some time shall we. Filofax launched their new Spring range and in it were the new patent Domino Filofax in turquoise and hot pink. They turned my head I can tell you! I loved the colour but I wasn't falling for that trap quite so easily this time, I wanted to be cautious and so I asked around in planner groups and the like to see what people thought of them. The general consensus was that it was love, unconditionally love, so that won it for me.

Colemans had a discount on some of the Filofax range and the new patent Dominos happened to be in that sale, well as I had a birthday coming up, I may have forwarded the details to Mr B, who so very kindly bought me the turquoise A5 aaaaaaand. BOOM! Love at first sight.

Did I say I love it! ha ha! OK so I love it so much that I treated myself to the pink one too whilst the offer was still on and once again....BOOM! Love!

But why? Why Do I love them so...
  • The colour - they are such gorgeous rich colours, with lots of depth
  • Elastic pen loop - it is elastic so you can pretty much fit any size pen in there and it is in the matching planner colour
  • Elatic wrap closure - what I don't like about the ultra violet is that the elastic is thick, not stretchy and not the same colour whereas the patent domino is exactly the reverse and so easy to use.
  • The floppy cover - I love the floppiness. It is not to floppy to be annoying yet I love it. The ultra violet is so stiff and rigid...bleugh!
  • It lays flat - from day one unlike the ultra violet that still doesn't!

My could live withouts...
  • Because of the patent it is a dust magnet which you can probably see in the photos. It does love to pick up every little speck! It also scratches easily. I use my planners and I mean really use them, they go wherever and I am not precious of them but that means I have certainly tested them out.
  • There are no card pockets. None. That bugs me. It does have a roomy secretarial pocket but I want little slots too.
  • No notepad. This could just be from Colemans but every other Filofax I have had has come with the pad in the back. This is not a deal breaker as I can add one but it was a bit like....hmpf...where is it!
So all in all a lovely planner and one which I am enjoying using ever so much. I will do a set up of how I am using the turqoise, that is all for my Fluffy babies. The pink one I won't be doing though as that has all information pertaining to the Brimbles Box and is confidential I am afriad but I know you will understand that a girl has to have some boundaries.

Do you have any of the Dominos? What do you think of yours?


  1. I owned a Domino, in Ultra Violet, I think it was the color. It what happened to you with the Saffiano, happened to me with the Domino. I thought I wanted it, that I would love it and be together forever and ever... but no... I did not like the elastic, or pockets, and overall, it was not love at first sight... *sighs* Then I bought a new to me Bright Purple Saffiano... And we never been apart... I have all the Personals *Including the Pear from the Spring Collection* and even the A5 *waiting to buy the Pear in A5* I love them! The pockets, the colors, the texture, I was drawn to them. They are my babies! lol I never had a patent... They look so rich and soft and I think I would not use them, because I might be afraid to scratch them! The turquoise looks lovely! Love your channel and blog!

    1. Thank you sweetie. I think when you find a planner you love you just kinda stick with it x

  2. My very first A5 Filofax was the hot pink patent Domino - I loved it back then & still do now. I use a card holder sleeve at the back to keep sticky notes in. I haven't bought the turquoise as I'm not sure on the colour - is is green or is it blue!?

    1. Lol it is a bit of both - proper turqoise where you can't tell which it is. :D

  3. It was love at first sight: I bought the turquoise Domino two weeks ago. And I LOOOOOVE it!
    The colour is so rich and gorgeous and I love the patent look of it. It's such a fun and girly planner in my opinion. BIG rings and a slot I can really USE!
    What I don't like:
    Only one pen loop, it's more floppy then the regular Dominos and what's really annoying: Because of the patent the flyleafs stick to the covers. Every. Single. Time.
    But overall this planner is a great purchase and I really enjoy it.

    By the way, if you want to sell your Domino ultra violet: Pleaeaease, sell it to me!
    I want that one so bad and I would take care of it if it is one of my three daughters :)

    Love your reviews!
    With Love,

    Caitlin from The Netherlands