Thursday, 25 April 2019

Alice in Plannerland

Hello, Planner Friends! I hope that you're all doing amazingly well! I'm here with some planner inspiration using the Mrs Brimbles Alice in Plannerland sticker kit. I fell in love with this kit as soon as I saw it - I have something of an Alice in Wonderland obsession (mostly of derivative works from the original classic) and anything Alice themed is always a huge hit with me. Fun fact: I even had an Alice in Wonderland themed classroom last year when I was teaching Year 1 students! So, suffice to say, this is a favourite kit and layout. To watch the process, click on the video below to see how this Alice in Plannerland layout came together!


It was a lovely opportunity to go back to doing some hand-lettering - which is a hobby/passion of mine that every now and then I come back to. (And every time I come back to it I wonder why I stopped doing it for so long!) The awesome thing about the Alice aesthetic, is that it allows for imperfection, odd and slightly-mismatched letters, which takes a lot of the pressure off!


So that is the final layout - I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I love all of the blue tones that came out (it makes me feel calm!). If you're looking for more planner layout inspiration, you can check out my 2019 Planner Layout playlist for the rest of this year's layouts, including many Mrs Brimbles kit layouts! If you have any questions, let me know, otherwise, I hope you follow your own White Rabbit into a wonderful adventure this week! Have a fabulous day! Stef