Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Brimbles Sticker Club Design Team Call

Do you love getting creative in your planner and / or journals? Are you social and like to interact with like-minded creative people? Do you enjoy sharing photos of your planner and journals? Do you enjoy playing with new products every month? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you just might be the right fit for the Mrs Brimbles design team.

Let me tell you what it is all about

Basically every month I will send you the Brimbles monthly Sticker Kit Club for that. As part of the design team perks, you will have a permanent discount code for 25% off any purchases you would like to make at 

The design team is open to creative planners and journal keepers. If this is not you but you would still like to be on the team, why not apply anyway! If the products that I sell are in line with your creative pursuits you may still be a good fit.

Being on the creative team also means that you will also get exposure for your blog / social media and your artistic talent! You will also have ‘presence’ on my blog for ever. The design team will run until 31st August 2018 and either party can resign / withdraw at any time without notice or reason.

This opportunity is open internationally.

In return for receiving the items from me you will be required to:

  • Share an ‘unboxing’ of what you received each month on your Blog / YouTube / Social Media Accounts etc.
  • Create something(s) using the items that you have received and submit a blog post with photographs for inclusion on my blog: mrsbrimbles.blogspot.com once a month (timetable to be agreed with the final DT). With the same post (tailored to your audience) shared on your blog too and of course I will link back to you at all times.
  •  You will be required to be active in the Mrs Brimbles Facebook group, sharing your creative posts in the group and helping to admin the group.
  • You will be required to share at least 3 photos on your social media accounts. For example these could be a ‘haul’ , an ‘in progress’ shot of your creations, and perhaps your finished project / page.
  •  Input ideas in to future months kits


If you would like to apply please send an email to: 
mail@mrsbrimbles.co.uk with the subject DT CALL APPLICATION and include the following information but please keep it fairly brief and not reams and reams as I do read them all.

  • Your Name
  • Are you on any other design team? Please let us know who and what is required of you. Please check with that team regarding their policy on conflict of interest BEFORE submitting your application.
  •  Country you live in (just so we know, this is not what we will be basing your submission on!)
  •  Links / Addresses to your Blog, YouTube and social media accounts (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, instagram etc). Please note that you do not need to have all of the aforementioned social media accounts, if you do that is great. The only prerequisite is that you have a blog for sharing your DT creations on. Your blog doesn't have to be long standing or have a huge following but you do need to have one.
  • Are you a creative planner or journal keeper? what do you do and why?
  • Tell me a bit about you and why you would like to be on the design team / what you could bring creatively to the team?
  • In your application please include photos of any of your creations that you think represents your best work. Please submit no more than 5, mimimum of 3

Closing Date for submitting your application is Sunday 11th June 2017.
. Please note that I will not get back to you confirming the decision until after 11th June– I will need time to think and read through them all. I may get back to you sooner but don’t panic if you don’t hear until after 11th. You will know I have received your application as you will receive an email auto reply.
The successful applicant(s) will be emailed and will be announced on my blog and social media and you will be required to share your photo so we can all see who is who but you don’t need to worry about that until you are on the team.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please email: mail@mrsbrimbles.co.uk using DT QUESTIONS as your subject line. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

On application close, I will assess all of the applications together and then choose, which is most likely going to be very difficult! Just to clarify I will be selecting based on your creativity and the best fit for my style and not on your Country or the fact you don’t have a YouTube channel etc so please do not let that deter you from applying.

  Good Luck and I can’t wait to see your entries!!

p.s. if you need any help or advice on how to apply to be on mine or any other design team, please read my blog post here: 

MASSIVE thanks to my current Brimbles Box design team for the use of their photos!

Cactus Love Planner Pages

Advice from a Cactus:
1. Get plenty of sunshine
2. Accentuate your strong points
3. Be patient through the dry spells
4. Conserve your resources
5. Wait for your time to bloom
6. Stay sharp

Last month's cactus-themed Brimbles Box was very cute and I couldn't resist using the fun little Advice from a cactus cut-apart card from one of Anna's papers. I wanted something fun and inspirational for my monthly layout - something to inspire me for the whole of June.
Granted, it's going to be very cold here in Australia in June. So this also serves to remind me of warmer times, too!


I don't know about you - but I don't fill up my monthly pages all the time. Most of the time, I use it to mark in dates to remember, but I do my heavy-duty planning on my weekly spreads, so I don't mind stickers and images creeping up into my boxes. It makes it feel more like the items I'm committing to the page actually belong there, rather than being strategically placed to fit into a pre-described space.

Process Video

I hope this inspires you to add some cactus-love to your planners in the coming months and weeks.

As always, for more inspiration, I would love to see you guys on my Instagram or Youtube accounts. I hope that you all have a wonderful June!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ugly Planning


I pimped this month's box heavily... and by 'heavily' I mean I put lots of 'me' into it. I wanted to create a Cambs Planner Con 'vibe.' At least, this is how I hope the next weekend is going to feel like. Lots of planner stuff, happy people enjoying themselves whilst chit chatting about stationairy.



 I discovered that trying to create 'ugly' drawings and planner spreads usually turn out into the most unexpected pretty things. I even made up a '#' named 'ugly planning' on instagram, just to see what happens.



From this month's box I took a 12x12 paper and started using all of my highlighters and felt pens I could find. I honestly didn't have a clue what I started... I just began drawing everything that popped into my mind. variations from abstract shapes to little thingies. At first I thought 'this is going to be a disaster' but I kept on going and filled the whole 12 x 12 page with my own drawings. I felt like a little child again LOL, using Anna's design as a canvas. A canvas doesn't have to be blank at the beginning... it actually helps you start elaborate your drawing.





I cut my canvas into dividers and pimped them even more with Anna's tabs. I had four tabs and I had no idea which titels I would stamp onto them since I am not that busy. Then I thought... does tabs really need an importend title? I think not! I love the fact that tabs are just simply in my planner, looking pretty and give some extra dimention. I put some teeny tiny stickers on them. Look at that busy bee :) btw My newest obsession is zipper planners... they remind me of little suitcases... just so darling!


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Planner Spread

Hello lovelies! This month I wanted to share another planner layout, this time featuring items from a past Brimbles Box - I don't know about you, but I always have bits and pieces left over and I love pulling them out and making sure they're shown a lot of love!

As always, I have a process video available for you, should you choose to watch it, otherwise read on for more photos and thoughts on my process!

I wanted something bright and happy for this week - looking at pages like this reminds me to be positive and to focus on the good things.

When putting these pages together I began with the die-cut pieces from the box and then started pulling my colour scheme from there. Obviously, the brightest objects were the popcorn and hearts, so I used the beautiful pinky-red colour and yellow colours in my washi tape borders as well, to help balance it all out!

I've used dimensional stickers - like enamel dots - in my planners many times before with little ill-effect. Maybe it's just being a tactile person that makes it okay for me? Still, I love having that little bit of height in my layouts to give it a bit of variety and make it stand out!
As always, if you wish to connect with me on social media, you can find me on Instagram and on Youtube and I'd love to chat with you!

Until next time, happy planning!
Stef xx