Friday, 6 March 2015

My Set up of the Gold Websters Pages Color Crush Planner

I promised that I would share a set up and closer look at how I am using my Websters Pages Color Crush planner and here I am. At the moment I am using the Gold. I never thought I would be a gold planner kind of girl but I am absolutely loving this planner. As you know from previous blog posts, I am loving the gold, hot pink, black and white theme. I just can't get enough of it. Here is my video tour showing all the details.

Where to start huh? Well let's start by opening this little beauty up! There are going to be rather a lot of photos because, well it is just so beautiful that it has to be shared, right? OK so most of the inside of my planner is purely decorative. Even though it is already beautiful, I mean just look at that gold and hot pink contrast, I have added a cute paper clip and journalling cards to make it even more eye poppingly gorgeous. I really don't think there is anything wrong with making the inside gorgeous, after all it means you want to pick it up more and use it just to look at it!

So moving to inside the planner itself, the dividers and pages are just beautiful. The beauty with these planners is that you can leave them just as they are if you want to and they are eye candy in themselves, or you can further customise them with whatever you want. The inserts are all new to me so I am still learning how I want to use them and for what so you will have to bear with me a little on that. Of course I will continue to use this beauty and will update you again on how my usage has changed. As with everything you change, evolve and adapt as things in your life and your circumstances change too.

I have never, ever, used a monthly spread before but I am now! I have decided to use the monthly spread for keeping track of blog and YouTube postings and so far it is working just dandy and actually is taking up less room in my planner than how I was doing it before.

I have customised the notepad at the back by sticking some scrapbook paper from Websters Pages on the top sheet and also added some tape to give that hot pink pop!

In conjunction with the planner I am also using the folio. I have never used one before so I am still getting used to the sorts of things that I want to put in there and tote around with me.

I am really enjoying this planner so much and I hope you enjoyed having a peak inside too!

You probably want to know more about some of the products you have seen in this post well here goes:

Gold Planner & Folio: Websters Pages Color Crush
Panda Paperclip: Craftin Chaos on Etsy
Journal Cards: Websters Pages
Gold Bow Paperclip: Kate Spade
Gold Paperclips: Ebay
Crown Pen: From Linkys (no longer in business)
Kraft Sticky Notes: I believe from target (an American friend sent them to me!)
Belle & Boo Stationery Set: From my Etsy shop
Pink Stripe Washi Tape (slanted): Websters Pages
Pink Stripe Washi: My Etsy Shop
Gold Washi: Charlotte Victoria on Etsy
Other washi: Stampin Up / RAKs
Teddy Bear Pen: My Etsy Shop

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