Tuesday, 3 March 2015

An inspiring week

I am a bit on the late side in posting this weeks pages. I wasn't sure if I was going to decorate this week or not as my diary is pretty full and sometimes I like to leave the pages plain so that there is less clutter. A good planning session on Monday night helped me clear my diary and move things around and actually it is still busy but not as busy as I thought it was going to be so I decided to add a few decorative touches.

Products Used
Planner: Websters Pages Color Crush Planner in Gold (Available in March)
Planner Inserts: Websters Pages week on two pages
Washi Tape: Both the gold giltter and super thin tape was from Charlotte on Etsy
Journal Cards: Websters Pages - These are the days 'March'

I never thought I would be a gold planner kind of girl, I don't know why but I thought that it might be a bit 'tacky'. I can assure you that this planner is far from it and I love it so much. I am loving the gold rings and the hot pink interior too. I am aiming to do a set up / tour blog post and video of this beauty on Friday so stay tuned for that.

To me I just think the gold and pink work beautifully with black and white it just leaves me with that 'mmmmmmmm' feeling lol! Well you know I am a bit into my black, white and gold at the moment due to the blog graphics change and this just helps to add to my love!

One of my favourite aspects of these planners is the little dog tag that comes on the strap. It bugged me being on there, it looks pretty when you first get it but it wasn't working for me so I added it to the bottom rings as a planner charm and I love the little positive affirmation on it 'Dream Big'. As I use this planner for both personal, work and blog stuff it is a perfect little pick me up everytime I use it.

You may have noticed that my page marker is upside down. Well I am very much a bottom tab person when it comes to my today place. This is a top loading tab so I just turned it over. The writing is now back to front but it doesn't bother me because you can hardly see it but you can see those yummy polka dots! I just like to run my thumb along the bottom to find my place and always have done.

I am also using the March monthly over view card which I have washi taped onto a journalling card. I am using the journalling card for notes and to do lists for the month and tracking them on the date / monthly spread. Their is a slight over hang which doesn't worry me as I can also use this as a side tab to the week that I am on.

So all in all I feel rather inspired by this little planner. It's funny isn't it how something can just really spark your imagination and enthusiasm and sets you on the right track! Hope you all are having a positive and inspired week too!

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