Friday, 20 March 2015

So it is sheep! - This weeks pages

This week there is no planner Friday post like there would normally be. This week has been one endless round of vets trips with both a poorly piggy and a very poorly bunny and then a poorly me! Phew! I will be glad when the weekend is here although vets trips don't stop there, Florence has to go for a daily vet check following her injury / surgery poor little love. Anyways I did a DITL vlog today so I will let you watch that for the full update.

Did you guys get to see the solar eclipse today? It was amazing and kind surreal. I loved it!

Made me feel quite insignificant really!

So I thought I would share my pages with you today to make up for the lack of content today so let's crack on! I decorated these this afternoon after watching the eclipse this morning. Now I kinda wanted to do something related but then I thought I am decorating for next week and not this week so a bit pointless really.

I got a bit 'green' with envy over all the green pages I saw popping up last week for St Patricks Day so I thought I would have my green week this week and I also had the sheep stickers from the March Brimbles Box that I wanted to use. So sheep it is!

Products Used
Planner: Websters Pages Color Crush Planner in White
Planner Inserts: Websters Pages week on two pages
Washi Tape: Green horizontal Stripe Washi: My Etsy Shop
Sheep washi tape from a RAK
Stickers: Sheep felt stickers from my Etsy shop
Paperclip: Red Penny Press on Etsy
Sheep sticky notes: Tesco

I think it is so important to just be who you are and be unique but just every now and then we need remind of that!

Luckily the inspirational tag on the white Color Crush also reminds us to 'be yourself'.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend xx


  1. Hi Anna I only recently came across your YouTube channel as I'm a planner newbie. I'm working my way through your Filofax Friday series and I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration that you share!
    Hugs Lynsey x

  2. Hi Anna, where did you get that cutesy little Costa mug from. It would be fabulous for a friend I have that lives in the

    1. It was from Etsy, if you search for them on there they come up although this is Starbucks so am not sure if they do Costa ones too x