Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February Fauxbonichi Flip - "It's Lacking and that's OK!"

It is that time of month again where I share my Fauxbonichi with you and what I have been journalling about and how over the month. Well as you know this month has been quite disasterous for me in many ways but noteably my boiler and my Splodgey bear. Around the 12th of the month I just gave up journalling all together for emotional reasons and also for energy and enthusiasm reasons. For me that's OK though and I am not going to apologise for not having so much to show you because ultimately it is my journal as your journal is yours. Your journal should be your sanctuary and something that you enjoy and want to do and not something that is a chore or that you need to do in order to share a video on it. I just wanted to say to you that it is OK if you don't feel like journalling and it is OK to miss days. Just have fun with it and journal when you want to.

So off my soap box now and here is my flip...

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