Monday, 30 March 2015

How to make Ribbon paper clips for your planner or journal

I found some Easter ribbon long forgotten hidden away in a draw and have since been obsessed with making Easter ribbon clips and clips with other ribbon too because I have been scouring the house looking for as many ribbons as I can find! I shared this photo on instagram the other evening (excuse the very poor lighting, it was evening) and I was asked if I would be able to share a tutorial on how to make them - of course!! I am only too happy to share my knowledge when and where I can.

I filmed a video tutorial as it is easier to show you that way rather than in a blog post with loads of photos. It is really easy and you can see why I have been on a making frenzy! This is just my way so I don't know if there is another way of doing it but it is just the way that works for me.

I hope you have loads of fun! Please do tag me in any photos as I would love to see your creations. Happy ribbon clip making x

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