Thursday, 19 March 2015

Incoming & outgoing Pocket Letters

Lets talk pocket letters again because quite frankly I am a little bit addicted. Who knew that they could be so much fun. I do still love more of a written letter with my pen pals but I am enjoying this little creative outlets with my one time swap partners. I am slowly getting them in and and then slowly replying (we are all busy, right? so totally not complaining) and I thought I would share some with you for fun and also if you are looking for inspiration.

So let's start with the ones that I have received...

Someone knows what my favourite colour is huh

Seriously how cute is this envelope? Little jumping bunnies all over it gives the true meaning of 'happy mail' to me! She even very sweetly sent me a Peter Rabbit postcard which I love!

How cute are the little vintage playing cards tucked into each pocket!

I really love the idea of sending seeds, fabulous! I guess I probably shouldn't to over seas swaps though?

And on to the ones that have sent out this week...

I tuck my 'bits' in to the back of the pocket because after they have removed them I still want the pocket letter to look pretty and not as if things have been taken out!

So first off we have this one for the lovely Serena Bee who loves all things Creepy Cute! I had loads of fun drawing quirky little girls to add to her pocket letter and I just hope that she likes it!

OK so here are some more. You will notice that my PL follow similar themes and that is because I create them together at the same time so end up using the same bits and bobs. I am going to do a video soon on making stuff for your PLs and this will be a collaboration with a fellow YouTuber so watch out for that!

And after seeing other photos on instagram I decided I had better up my game a bit with my envelopes too! lol!

I can't physically take on any more swaps at the moment but as soon as I can I will post on instagram that I am looking.

Some of you have said that you were having trouble in the UK locating the pockets so if you are, I have managed to score a load and have them for sale in my Etsy shop.

I wonder what will come through the door next!

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  1. These look lovely! The more I see pictures of pocket letters over the net, the more I start to think I might want to give it a try as well...

    About seeds, sweets, tea and other things, I think most postal services do have a list on their website about countries and items that you cannot send, as it varies country by country. So it might be ok to send seeds to some place overseas and not ok to some other and so it's better check it up online :) I think Australia has the strictest limitations what to send there.