Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Product Review: Cosmic Shimmer Mist

I went to a garden centre the other day and lo and behold they had a craft section. Yippppeeeee I said. I couldn't quite catch what my husband said but it did kind of have a groan mixed in there! Anyhoooooo, they had items in there that I had never seen before. They had a whole range of these little beauties.... Cosmic Shimmer Mist Spray.

Well I couldn't leave without making a purchase, that would be rude! So I couldn't decide which colours to get,  I mean they are all so beautiful indeed. I decided to get a purple, orange, green and blue. I couldn't wait to try them.

Now when you use them you need to give them a big old shake first because there are lots of glittery bits that do have a tendency to settle at the bottom. Other than that you can use them in the same way that you would any other spray. A word of warning though, do make sure you wash the spray nozzle after use as I found that it easily gets clogged up.

I loved all the colours and wouldn't certainly buy more. I liked that they gave a pearly irridescant shine to add just that little uplift to your project without being too glittery. What is more they dry as fast as alcohol inks which is great, no heat gunning at all so for impatient people like me that is fab. When you touch them once it is dry no residue comes off on your fingers like you can find with some glitter products.

The only down side to them is that when you use other mediums over the top they do seep through so just bear that in mind when you use them.

All in all a big thumbs up from me. Love it !!

**Please note this is my own personal opinion and I have created this review myself to share with others. I have not been paid, sponsored or endorsed by anyone to create provide this review** 

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