Sunday, 2 August 2015

August 'Happy Mail Box' Reveal

**If you haven't received your box this month yet, you might want to not read!!**

Last month I launched a new box to the repertoire of Brimbles Boxes...'The Happy Mail Box'.

This box is similar but different to the Brimbles Stationery Box as this box is solely aimed at providing you with the goodies to write / send to someone else. Some of the items that you could receive are: Post cards, note cards, greetings cards, paper, envelopes, letter writing sets, tags, ribbon, gift wrap, stickers, washi tape, pens, paper clips, anything that you would use in writing to someone or sending them a gift. Please note: There may be some overlap between these boxes and ‘The Brimbles Box’ but generally speaking they are different boxes so if you wanted to subscribe to both you would be OK to do that. These Happy Mail boxes are NOT themed.

If you would like to watch videos of unboxings from genuine customers as well as honest reviews from bloggers you can watch the YouTube Brimbles Box playlist As I say they are all very honest so you can get a better feel for what was inside. Here is my unboxing and video talk through of this months box:

So what was in the box this month?

All boxes were identical. You will have received 6 items with a total RRP of £21.92

Items that were in the box:
  1. Note card and envelope set
  2. tags
  3. stickers
  4. envelope labels
  5. gel pens
  6. letter set
Products in the photographs shown together are not to scale.

Please do watch the above video as you can see all the products much more clearly and appreciate them better and of course you can learn more about the products and what to do with them.

At the time of writing I have some excess boxes available to purchase as a whole as well as some individual items so check out my online shop for those.

See you next month for September’s box. Remember if you would like to order a subscription or a one off box and you would like that box to be the September one you can order up to and on 31st August from: