Monday, 18 February 2019

How I meal plan and what we eat in a week

Hi Guys!

In this video I talk you through how I meal plan and what we eat in a week. We are vegans as much as possible. It isn't always possible but we try as hard as we can. We are a family of 3:  2 big one small (and 4 fluffies). We don't use a freezer and we try and cook fresh from scratch whenever we can as well as homeschool, run a business etc.

I have collaborated with Lisa from the Lollipop Box Club on this so make sure you head on over to her channel to see how she meals plans too. Lisa is a busy work from home Mum of two teens. Like me she always meal plans to ensure that the family have a balanced diet as well as keeping cost and wateage low. Lisa cooks a mix of meat and vegetarian dishes for her family.

Lisa's channel:

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