Thursday, 14 March 2019

Planning March

Hello, Planner Friends! In my ever-ongoing quest to use my planner supplies, I stumbled back across the stickers I had left in from the Unicorn Sky bundle. It seemed perfect to use them alongside the very beautiful watercolour/unicorn washi tape that came in the Brimbles Washi Tape box - because I've been waiting to use it on a project since I unpacked it back in December.

I really loved putting together this layout, because it reminded me of my older layouts, back when I first started putting together planner layouts. I used to do a LOT of layering - of washi tapes, scrapbooking papers and stickers - and this really felt like going back to things that I loved. Sometimes, the really straight lines of washi tape just don't work for me - the whimsical nature of the unicorns in this sticker kit really felt like they need something less harsh, which resulted in me tearing my washi strips down the centre to create a less 'perfect' edge, which is an effect I really like.



I have to confess, that I don't keep up-to-date on what's considered 'popular' in the planning world. I like to plan how I like to plan - it works for me, and that's the point of having a planner: it has to work for you. I'm okay with something that's 'not perfect' because it's mine and let's be honest, it's realistic. I also like to use what I have even it's a few years old or different to what everyone else is using because it's different. Don't be afraid to embrace your own personal planning style. It's so important to do what's right for you! I hope that you're inspired to go out and use your supplies and create amazing layouts that are uniquely you! 

 Happy planning!

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