Friday, 5 July 2013

June Roundup of what's going on with me.


Well it has been a busy old month for me but I did manage to get some journalling in amongst the chaos.

Well this has been just about the busiest month I have every had I think. We hadn't planned anything for months as we just didn't know when we were moving and the only month that we had things booked in, wham we moved. Oh well, it makes for a more interesting life right? Anyway this is what I have been up to!

I spent most of the first half of the month packing up boxes. On the 7th we went to see Jools Holland and Fine Young Cannibals in concert at Burghley House. The concert was fab but oh so cold. This is supposed to be Summer folks! It was an outdoor picnic concert and there was us all bundles up in our coats and scarves. No picnic for us, we had to just grab some chips there as we were too busy packing and moving boxes into store to make up a picnic!

Then the weather started to warm up and it was time to find out the flip flops and vests. Yay!

On the 13th we said goodbye to our first home together. It had been a lovely home for 9 years, two months and we loved that little house but it was time to move on and move we did.

We both love our new house and have settled right in. I have shown you a tour of my new office / art room and I can't wait to unveil the after but I am still working on it! We are slowly getting through the boxes though. I am finding it hard (but I am sure I will cope) with views of this every day...

It is hard see!

I told you it was busy as on the 15th we went to Thetford Forest to see Blondie in concert which was fabber than fab could be. I love her!

I have been getting on the instagram band wagon lately and getting in on the selfie thing lol! It is actually quite good fun and journal fodder!

And along with Wimbledon the Strawberries came out all gorgeous and juicy so of course I have had a couple!!

I have been spending some time with my Daddy and I have been filming him whilst he has painted, we are editing the footage this week and I can't wait to share the speed process with you all. Dad has only just recently gotten into painting and he is really good at it. A born natural!

See you soon

Much Love
A xx

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