Monday, 19 May 2014

Book Review - The Vampire of Highgate by Asa Bailey

I have a book review to share with you today, a book that I have thoroughly enjoyed despite any misconceptions I had before I started reading it!

Why did I have some concerns? Well, as you probably know if you have followed my YouTube channel or Blog for a while now  you will know that I was given a load of vampire books from my friend and whilst I enjoyed most of them I was getting a little fed up of them and was thinking them to be rather samey, you know, girl meets vampire, wants to be vampire etc etc. I saw this book at the Works on a 2 for offer and as there weren't any other books that I wanted I decided to purchase this one in the offer. The book sat on my shelf for a while on my TBR pile and one day I had finished my book and just decided to pick this one up without giving it much thought at all, I didn't re-read the back cover, I just picked it up and read.

I seriously finished this book in about three days. I mean it did help that the weather was glorious and I spent a good chunk of time just sitting in the garden with the fluffies reading but even so, I would have finished it fairly quickly as I was so engrossed!

What I really liked about this book is that it is largely based around a legend that really does exist. It mentions it in the book that the author wrote this book based on a story he was told one night from a London cab driver, but part of me was like 'yeah right you are just saying that as it makes a good intro'. So like the inquisitive person that I am I went off on a little interest search of my own and well, there is a plethora of information out there! Wikipedia started me off and then I was off on a search for more information, I found it absolutely fascinating and for that experience my views of the book were greatly enhanced. As for the story, it was fast paced, and a quick and easy and enjoyable read one that I would thoroughly reccommend. Oh and there was none of the girls meets vampire, wants to be a vampire stuff! lol! Not that there is anything wrong with that, just that I need a bit of a break from it!

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