Friday, 23 May 2014

How to make a Plushie Bunny Paper Clip / Page Marker - Filofax Friday

I thought this week for Filofax Friday that I would share a little crafty tutorial with you. I follow a lady on Instagram called Itsfluffystuff and she posted a couple of pictures of plushie paperclips that she was selling and I fell in love with both the cloud and the fox and just had to have them. So I ordered them from her Etsy shop and they came all the way from Hawaii! They are so cute and so very well made and they are just perfect for using in my planner when I am going with that theme for the week. I do love them so much.

I also use them for book marks as well as for my Filofax. I love them because they stick out the top of your planner so you can easily identify what you are wanting to mark and when I use paperclips on my week, I can also attach extra to do notes or receipts in there.

Well you know how much I love my bunnies, I mean, I draw them everywhere and they are always appearing all over the place. Well it got me to thinking whether I could make plushie paperclips with my own bunny design. So I had a go, I made a few mistakes but I worked out how to make them and I thought I would share this with you in a tutorial so that you could make them too and if you didn't want to make them or you just like the ones from itsfluffystuff, then you could hop over to her shop to get some. (This is not sponsored or anything, I just like spreading the love when I find stuff I like!)

What you will need:

  • Felt or fabric - only a small piece is needed but you will need to cut out two head shapes from it and they really don't need to be very big.
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen
  • Eraser (if using pencil)
  • Small scrap of card
  • Masking Tape
  • Paper Clip (large preferably)
  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread in black, pink and one to co-ordinate or contrast to your fabric
  • Soft toy stuffing (very teeny amount)
  • Cotton bud
  • Pink ink pad or blusher

How to make your plushie:

A step by step video instruction is below but here are the written instructions for you to refer back to:

1. Draw your bunny head out onto your fabric. (You may want to refer to my 'how to draw a bunny' series). Cut your head shape out of your fabric and then trace around this and cut another out so you can two identically sized / shaped heads.
2. Erase any lines from your heads.
3. Put aside one of your head pieces. Cut out a small piece of card to fit inside the bottom of the head and place it on the bunny. Tear off some masking tape and adhere your card onto your bunny. Next adhere the top part of your paper clip onto the card, push down to really get into the nooks of the clip. Overlay another piece of masking tape in a different direction to make sure the clip is stuck to the card and the card is stuck to the fabric. Place to one side.
4. On the bunny head that doesn't have the paper clip attached, sew on your nose and eyes.
5. Place your face on top of your bunny head and using blanket stitch start sewing your two pieces together. Remember to leave a gap to stuff your head.
6. Using your pencil stuff the stuffing through the opening, you may want to do this little at a time.
7. Close the opening by finishing off your stitch and tie off when you have completed.
8. Use your cotton bud to apply your pink cheeks to your bunny with either blusher or your ink pad.

I really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I am very much a novice sewer but have really enjoyed making these even if they are a little bit wonky in places, I love them so that is all that matters! If you do make them I would love it if you could tag me in your photos on Twitter or Instagram as I would love to see the ones that you have made!

I am off to practice more sewing and to see what other characters I can come up with! If you would like to see more bunny sewing from me then head on over to next week where I am guest blogging with this little lady...

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