Monday, 12 January 2015

Brimbles Box - Jan 2015 Reveal

I am pretty much certain now that everyone has received their January 2015 Brimbles Box so I can do a big reveal for you on the contents. You may have already seen unboxings and photos flying around social media but I wanted to hold off posting anything official until I was certain that all boxes had been received, after all I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone!

I was so grateful to everyone who signed up for a subscription or purchased a one off box. Although it was a little bit stressful I thoroughly enjoyed the sourcing process and I just hope you liked your boxes as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

I was going to film an unboxing video for my channel but I had more of some products than others which meant that the 'complete box' did actually sell right out come 31st Jan. (Don't worry, if you purchase a single box or a subscription it will never 'sell out' what I mean is that all box orders for Jan were complete and I sold some of the surplus stock too so there wasn't enough for a complete box to do an unboxing).

So would you like to see what was inside? If you would prefer to watch an unboxing video you can see my two 'blogger of the month' unboxings below or carry on reading to see photos etc!

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So on with the photos and description etc... When you opened your box you were greeted with a postcard and on that postcard was...

Happy New Year!

Welcome not only to 2015 but also to the first Brimbles Box of the year. No wait, the first ever Brimbles Box!

So you see those stars up there? Yep those ones twinkling away above your head, yep those are the ones, they are all yours if only you will stand on your tippy toes and reach for them. Go on reach up high and grab them. No wait, why stop at the stars, let’s reach for the moon instead. That’s right folks, this months box is all about inspiring you for the fabulous year ahead of you. Your goodies in your box are to help and encourage you to get organized, get ahead, set goals, make plans. Remember this is your year to shine…The adventure is just beginning!

Have Fun!

Anna x

I only managed to get a quick instagram snap of the box as it was ready to ship out so please overlook the bad lighting in the above photo!

What was in the box?

All of the boxes regardless of which type you ordered received the following items. Please note this photo is merely representative, some people received different pencil cases, notebooks and washi tape. The images are NOT to scale!

1. Pack of 6 pencils with 'To Do' design
2. Pencil Case (various designs)
3. Pack of 6 hand signal paper clips
4. Notebook (various designs)
5. Pack of 'cute as a button' stickers
6. Washi Tape (various designs)

The Stationery only boxes had all of the above plus the below organisational pegs:

Instead of the pegs, the planner boxes had either an A5 or a 'personal' size Moon Gazing Bunny Dashboard as well as a planner charm with a silver moon and stars (not shown)

If you would like to see unboxing blog posts to get someone elses perspective you might want to check out:

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I am really excited for Februarys box and am having tons of fun putting it all together!

If you are interested in purchasing a one off box or a subscription or just want more information please check out:

Are you a blogger?
We do like to spread the word and the love and we welcome applications from bloggers and YouTubers. We have a select few bloggers and YouTubers that we currently work with on a regular basis but we are also looking for ‘guest reviewers’ who we can send a free box to in exchange for a blog post / video review and unnoxing. If you would like to review one of our boxes please do get in touch. We would like to know who you are, what your blog / videos are all about, your blog / YouTube url and your average monthly views. Please do not get offended if we decline your offer at this time, it may be that we already have our posts filled by the time you read this and get in touch but please feel free to enquire again in the future as things are always changing. You can get in touch by emailing:


  1. These are great boxes, remind me of the Kawaii Box.
    Good luck on your new adventure.

  2. Thankyou for mentioning me. I loved the box, and can't wait for the next one. xx