Sunday, 25 January 2015

Last weeks Decorated Planner Pages

I decorated as I went again last week. I started the week loving it and by then end of the week I hated it and wished that I had decorated in advance. Funny how it works out that some weeks decorating in advance really works for you and others it doesn't!  I love, love, love the minions and started the week really looking forward to using my minions week and now I am like...ugh! I know it sounds bad and lazy but I couldn't even be bothered to put the effort into photographing them. Bad innit! Anyways on to next week.

Products Used
Planner: Paperchase Dreamscape Planner
Planner Inserts: Paperchase Won2P
Stickers: Minion Stickers from The Idea Owl
Hole Reinforcers: Yellow Chevron from Annie's Paper Boutique
Tape: Blue tape unknown. Yellow stars from Cath Kidston and Heart tape from Just Keep Pinning.
Page Marker / Paper clip: from The Idea Owl


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