Friday, 4 December 2015

Create your shining year!

As many of you know if you were around last year that I have been using the 'Create your shining year' workbooks from Leonie Dawson. I did a video last year showing the book when I first got it and that can be watched here: I never did a follow up video on using that and I never intended too because once you get using it, lots of personal information goes into those pages, info that I didn't want to share (no offence like!). I decided to get the work books again for 2016 and I posted a photo on instagram and in my Facebook group asking if you guys would like to see this years and so here we are. Here is a look at the 2016 workbooks.

*PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT affiliated (although I know you can be). I am sharing because I like the product and thought some of you would too. I DO NOT earn any more if you buy from this link:

*DISCLAIMER: These work books really work for me but like all planners etc it may not work for you. Just saying as some people bought the 2015 one after my video and said they didn't like it. I on the other hand love it!

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