Thursday, 3 December 2015

Elf on the Shelf....

Today I am on Mrs.Brimbles blog and this is not necessarily a typical "Planner" post but kinda cause if you do the Elf on the shelf you might have "planned" how you were going to stage buddy everyday.  We don't have little kids at home anymore but my daughter has a step son and everyday she tried to make his morning special by finding something different to do with her elf on a shelf. Hope you find these ideas cute and funny! Loads of ideas you can get from others and from Pinterest.

This is how Jordan found Buddy the first day. 

She did have cute captions which not all the photos show but this one she said Buddy didn't get enough cereal so he decided to go into the box for more and Santa was watching!

A caravan of his toys and Buddy was in the lead

Buddy made a mess making snow angels

 Buddy was bad and decided to TP Jordans game playing area!

 Buddy decided he needed some coffee to make it through the day

 This had me laughing then and still does! Making a mock of a Miley Cyrus song!

 Santa waiting to see if Buddy makes it before he tries! 

 Buddy playing games and eating cheetos!

Buddy went Panty raiding this night 

She titled this one "Group Poop" and if you look you can see hershey kisses in the cup!

So have fun finding some cute ways to stage Buddy. She had several that were cute. Loads of ideas on the internet and pinterest.

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