Friday, 20 May 2016

What's in my pencil case?!

It's been 18 months since I did a 'What's in my pencil case' video and as I my pencil case(s) look a bit like they are over flowing I thought I might sort through it, maybe downsize and show you what is in it as I do that!

If you would like to see my last video and take part in the tag - there are questions to answer you can see that here:

The questions to answer are:

1. What pencil case are you using / do you use?
2. Why do you use it?
3. Where was it from?
4. Do you carry it out and about or does it stay at home?
5. Show us what is inside?
6. What was in there that you had forgotten about?
7. What is your most used / favourite item?
8. Now you have gone through you case what will you leave out? if anything!
9. How often do you go through your case and change things?
10. What are your future plans for your case? New case? New contents? What is on your wish list?

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