Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Travelling Notebook

So it's been a little while since I've popped up on this blog! Apologies for that, between travelling up and down the country, and preparing to move, things have just got on top of me. I'm getting there though. My face should be popping up more regularly on here from now on!

Today I've got a travelling notebook to share with you. This isn't mine, it's someone elses but I decided to use the contents of the past few Brimbles Boxes to fill in my pages.

If you are unaware of what a travelling notebook is then I have a full blogpost on my blog where you can have a read, just click here.
In short though it's a notebook that's sent around numerous people and everyone fills in a few pages. Then when it's full up, it's sent back to the person who set it off!

On my first page I decided to add one of the Mini File Folders that came in the May Brimbles Box. I used some of the Alphabet Stickers from the June box, and a beautiful floral sticker that also came in the May box. Inside I added my generic info and decided to draw a little map of the UK to illustrate where I'm from/will be moving to in the next month or so (fingers crossed).
Below that I added a 'currently' section, and decorated that with more washi from the past two boxes (Cloud Washi & Floral Wreath Washi). The 'Shine Bright' washi is from one of the recollection tubes of washi.

For the main double spread in this notebook I split it into chunks. There was no real rules of what to put in the notebook, so when I filled it in I decided to add whatever sprung to mind.
Some people choose to list certain things they want people to write about, where as others leave it open to whatever the contributor feels like doing.

I used the Gold Confetti Washi that came in a past Brimbles Box, along with this beautiful mismatched one from Paperchase.
I popped the little 'weekend' sticker by Sea Salt & Paper, that came in my August Brimbles Box at the top, and wrote a little section about the upcoming weekend.
Then I used a variety of stickers from my Mrs Brimbles Sticker sheet that was in the June box, to decorate the rest of the page.

Again over here I went through all the stickers, and picked out a few that would fit well with the bright colours I was using throughout.
I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope the notebook's owner likes it!
I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge I set myself to use just things from my Brimbles Boxes.

- Daisy X

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