Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Planning for Christmas 2016

Every year I do like to do a planning for Christmas series. Now some of you are probably flinching already as it is only September and I mentioned the C word. I am not going to apologise for that because Christmas is my thing and I love to plan for it.

This year I am not going to run a 'formal' series but more of a vloggy style look into what we are up to in the Brim household as we plan for Christmas.

If you would like to see the series that I did previously with lots of free inserts for you to print and use at home just click here!

I have a free insert for this week. Just click on the image below to open it 'big', right click and save!

Please just a reminder that these digital inserts are for your own personal use only and are not to be re-sold either as digital downloads or as hard copy printouts. You may post photos etc. of these inserts in use on your blog or social media platforms but credit must be given to me the creator: Anna Brim / Mrs Brimbles / www.mrsbrimbles.co.uk

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