Saturday, 17 June 2017

So here are the new Brimbles monthly sticker club design team members...

As you know from the blog, I recently advertised for a new design team for the Brimbles monthly sticker club. Choosing a new design team is never an easy one but choose I must.

For me a design team is much more than it seems. For me it is about building a fantastic relationship with a bunch of likeminded people who really get me and what I do. I genuinely talk to some of the members of my design team every single day. They are not only on my design team but I also consider them to be friends and a sounding board too. I know that I always get disappointed people when I choose a team but unfortunately I can't choose everyone!

I choose people that I think will be a great fit for me on a personal level along with other criteria like amazing photos or a style that I like. It is not a tangible thing, it is a gut instinct thing.

I was asked on my Facebook group the other day why I don't rotate it more and have more people do a shortened time frame. Firstly that is a lot of admin time but mainly to me that is more of a PR team, they share the goods and that is it. To me a design team is that sounding board, to talk over designs, to tell me when I am going wrong or right not just to share a haul. It is also a thing of trust, there are many other similar businesses out there and I need to fully trust my team.

So errrrm yeah that is just a bit of background. There were many applications and I don't like turning people down. I am not made of money and can't have loads of people. I have also made the decision not to have people on the team who are on other design teams, a slight change than as advertised but something changed and I hope you can understand that.

So I genuinely am sorry if you didn't make the team this time and I do hope that you will apply again in the future.


So here are the new Brimbles monthly sticker club design team members...

As you will see there are some familiar faces on there. I was over the moon when the Brimbles Box (now discontinued) DT members applied for the sticker club. We had a good thing going so it is nice to continue with them (there is no hard feeling to those that didn't by the way!)

Coming soon to this blog.... lots of yumminess!!

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