Thursday, 7 December 2017

What an Amazing end to the year!

so the last Brimbles sticker club kit for 2017 is here, and what a amazing end to the year. 

This kit was so full of sparkle it was amazing.

I firstly knew I wanted to do a planner layout in my new personal size Websters pages planner, which I have been totally addicted to over the past 2 months since I got it for my birthday.

Around this time of year I like to try and get super organised and get the flat clean and organised going into the new year  (I can hope at least!) 

Also anyone with kids will tell you your front room becomes Toys R Us in seconds on Christmas Day, so I wanted to make sure I had time written in to organise things before I totally lost the plot in the madness!!

Also this year for New Years we are having family over to bring in the new year so doing this spread 3weeks in advance was perfect. I loved the different widths of washing strips and all the decorative stickers I felt really went well with the layout.

I also used a few gold puffy stickers that I had recently bought from the mrs Brimbles stall at this years Christmas jingle mingle. 

I really love the colours in this and love how it turned out.

Then I wanted to do a journal page .. now I'm not going to get into the whole clicha " new year new me shpeel' ( is that a word lol) that is thrown around a lot this year, however I've had such a crazy year this year from getting married to coming down with a mystery illness and I really wanted to create a page to help me get a few goals for next year out of my head and written down.

I love how this all worked out and I am looking forward to next year yo see if I can keep to these goals.

anyways Merry Christmas all and Happy New Year from me !!

see you in the new year

Gemma Silk ( still getting used to the new name haha!)


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