Saturday, 26 May 2018

Watercolour Journal Spots and Journal Cards

This month as part of the Mrs Brimbles Creative Team I have been playing with watercolours and drawing gum again, but in a completely different way to last time. In Anna's latest Patreon tutorials, she has been showing us how to create something called 'Journal Spots', journaling cards that use drawing gum to create a resist area that we can then use to write or journal on. I love them!

I have created 4 different cards, each with a different purpose in mind. The one above is for my Happiness and Bloom Journals (both of which are junk journals). I have used the cards as prompts for further journaling. The one below is one of my long term goals: To move to Spain, it is something that I WILL be doing, even if takes until retirement to get there.

The Growth and Happy journaling cards are my Words of the Year, so something I have been holding dear and trying to live up to. Happy seems to be working for me at the minute. I have been much happier in my work and this has had a knock on effect in all areas of my life. I have used the card to document my weekend at Cambs Planner Con last week and you can see this in my journal below. It was such a lovely event and great to finally get to meet some of the lovely people I have spoken to online and to see friends that I have already met through the planner and journaling community. The page also uses stickers from Anna from both the ones that were sent with our ticket and ones from the latest Brimbles Box (Planner Nerds Bright's).

I've loved creating and using the Journal Spots and it is something I will be creating and making again. Do check out Anna's Patreon Page, she has updated it to include lots of new goodies and rewards including a tier where you can get the Brimbles Box included.

Take Care and I will see you soon,
Kerry xx

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