Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Book Review - Mixed Media Girls

I like to read blogs but sometimes I want to get away from the computer screen and read a book as it is so much more relaxing with a cup of tea. I read Suzi Blu's blog which I came accross by searching on the net for mixed media art. She is a nutty crazy lady but in a lovely way! I love her kookiness and it is what makes her the person she is.

This book is just fab and really great if you are just starting out. Most of the girls that I create have blank expressionless faces. I kinda do that for a reason (I am sure I will blog about that!). Suzi on the other hand creates beautiful doll like faces to her girls and the way she does it is all explained and detailed in her book, Mixed Media Girls. So if you need help and guidance in drawing faces this is so definitely the book for you.

Of course the book has great photography and also pages of both Suzi's work and also the work of others which is really nice to see as it helps to put things into context. There are tutorials on how to create backgrounds the way Suzi does and also how to turn your art into an encaustic piece.

Get it. Read it. Love it. Flick through and drool over the pages of art supply photos. Errrrmmmm maybe that is just me!!

And here is a video of my review...

**Please note this is my own personal opinion and I have created this review myself to share with others. I have not been paid, sponsored or endorsed by anyone to create provide this review** 

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