Friday, 11 January 2013

My workspace

I was playing with the camera function on my kindle to see how it worked and I ended up accidentally taking a picture of my current work space set up. I am certainly not pleased with the quality of the kindle camera and won't be making a habit of using that!

Anyways I thought it might be a giggle to show you what my current work space looks like!

Here goes...

This is actually quite tidy as I had just had a spruce up this morning. I don't have a dedicated room or even a dedicated desk. I have a big plastic tub with all my bits and bobs in that gets moved around the house. Generally when I am not creating it is kept in the spare room and then when we have house viewings (our house is currently on the market) it gets shoved up in the loft. As we are trying to sell our house, our spare room is kitted out all nicely with a made up bed and wardrobe in it. I don't think having a desk is that great for the look of the room so I totally understand, you have to make some sacrifices if you want to sell your house right!

But... I just wanted to show you that not having a fancy pants work space or craft studio does not stop you from doing what you love and loving what you do. This is just some of my stuff out on the dining room table from when I was painting a canvas last night.

The pink box has my alcohol inks, ink pads, a small (because I don't have many at all) selection of stamps and my pro markers. The box next to it has my modelling paste and my acrylic paints. The box next to that is empty. Jon got a Paddington Bear mug for Christmas and I have stolen the box it came in to store some bits in. My pent and brush pot I painted myself and I will show you that in more detail in another blog post.

I do have craft space envy though and one day I will have a beautiful space. One day!


  1. A tidy desk is a sign on a non-creative person lolol. You should see my work area (well maybe not lol)

  2. I totally agree with you there !!