Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Practice makes a whole lot better! WOYWW

Do you remember on this post I said that I was going to start practicing drawing faces. Well I have been. Lots and lots actually and I am really impressed with the way they are coming along.

I have found it really hard to draw black and white faces or faces just using a pen or pencil, yet when it comes to painting I am loving it. I find painting faces much easier because I can play with shading and tones. I just don't seem to be able to do this with just plain old drawing.

Anyway I thought I would just show you how my practise is coming along...

So this is what is on my work desk today for WOYWW. Both are in my sketchbook which I have been using for practise and experimentation. I don't mind how they look but I think it is important to look back on them and see your progress.

So what else is on my desk. Well my laptop that the sketch book is lying on, my kindle, my phone, my cartoon of Ribena. Love Ribena! My brushes, a water pot and my Reeves water soluble wax pastels which is what these two ladies were created using.

And it appears there has been an error with my scheduling as you have two blog posts today. Oh well never mind!


  1. They love pretty good to me, far better then I would every achieve. Francesca #108

  2. They both look lovely and I love the look of your waxy pastels too, they certainly give a good result. Happy WOYWW, Anne x

  3. Ah, you sure have a style that's unique, Ilove these two faces! the watercolour pastels are wonderful in your hands, I love the opacity and dense colours.

  4. Great pics, and love those wax colours

    happy woyww

    Debs #155

  5. Ah thanks everyone. Firstly it is lovely to have comments on a blog post. As you can see my blog is in it's infancy so, well that is just really special to me. And secondly thank you for those lovely comments being well, so lovely! THANK YOU XXXX