Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW inspired by Little Raven Ink - Earth Nymph!

Another "what's on your workspace Wednesday"! Yay!

So what is on my workspace today? Well here you go:

Basically today I am scanning my artwork that is in my journal. My journal is falling apart and paint and "stuff" is going through the spine onto the previous works and I just want to scan them all so that I have a record of them so that if the book does get totally destroyed I have a copy of everything. I know a lot of people don't do that, they just don't worry about the messes. I don't normally but there are some artworks in there that mean a lot to mean and are precious and well quite frankly I just don't want to loose them. So it makes sense to me even though it might not to other people.

So in the book there, the first one you see was last nights creation and I will show you a bigger version at the end. Yesterday I was playing on the internet and I came accross this video on youtube. Please watch it, it  is definitely worth it!

I love Courtney's work, I have seen it somewhere before and fell in love with her little nook dwellers as she calls them. They really call out to me and I love them so much. I don't like to copy other artists work for stuff that I share publicly as I don't think it is fair at all. However, Courtney made this video and as a result I have now joined Art Geeks and WOW! the group is full of lovely inspiring people which I am just loving trawling though. I have been looking for a community to become part of and well this is it for me. Fabulous!

Anyhow I digress. So after watching this vid and already loving her work I decided to have a little go for myself. I love the deer antlers so I knew I wanted to incorporate them into the doodle. So off I went and this is the result:

I have to say I actually really love her and she warms my heart. She actually evolved into some sort of Fawn or Earth Nymph in the end because I just couldn't work out what I wanted to do past her head and her. But you know I love that I was struggling because I really like how she turned out.

She was created with a Pilot Permaball, Cheap-o kids colouring pencils for the face, pro markers for the hair which I then drizzled alcohol inks over so it ran down the page, gold stamp pad and sequin waste for the dots at the top, white POSCA poster paint pen and black archival ink and stamps. It took me minutes really and she makes me happy!

So as I say I don't like to really copy other people's work but on this occasion I am glad I did. I think it is OK when it is just for personal use in your own journal. I had created something very simplistic before I saw her video too so I might share those with you one day!

Anyway, thank you Courtney for inspiring me with your fantastic artwork. Love ya!!

On a side note, it is only a week and a half until my birthday (32 years young!) and I have been dropping hints to hubbyliscious about Prisma colour pencils and oil pastels. I know I am being cheeky, really cheeky as he is already taking me on holiday for my birthday but hey, a girl can ask can't she....


  1. thanks so much for your lovely blog post! and I'm so excited for you! you'll have a fantastic time working on these little creatures
    xx Courtney

    1. Ah thank you and I loved creating them too xx