Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Just because you have bigger boobies it does not mean you have to wear but ugly bras!

I love Curvy Kate lingerie so when I found out that they were running a competition I thought I would give it a shot to enter. I have never entered a competition like this before so I wasn't really sure what to do or how to do it etc. When looking at what other people had entered I came across the amazing entry by Big Cup Little Cup which was just simply fabulous so I told myself that I would never be able to do anything as good. I finally plucked up the courage to create an entry only to find out that my instagram wasn't working properly and that there was no sound. I was right close to the closing time too. Oh well I thought no biggy! then the lovely people over at Curvy Kate said submit it again so I have, and here is my entry. It is 15 seconds long so nice and short.

I have big boobies myself (Size 40F) and for years I struggled to find bras that were not only comfortable and support them nicely but were also pretty and if at all possible sexy as well. It was a very difficult task I can tell you. Companies seemed to think it was OK if you had bigger boobies to sell you BUTT Ugly bras! I don't think so people. I even had a very frank discussion with a lady in a high end lingerie shop in London because it is quite fashionable for Ladies to have enlargements these days yet that shop in question only went up to a C cup! tsk tsk!

But alas I found Curvy Kate and now I don't buy any other brand of lingerie. There sets are beautiful, sexy, comfortable and everything that I want in a bra. My all time favourite is the Lottie as it is so comfortable but makes me feel all womanly.

Ladies please do go and check out the other competition winners over on the Curvy Kate blog http://blog.curvykate.com/uk-blogger-comp-vote-for-your-favourite-15-second-review/
you won't be sorry you did!

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