Friday, 8 November 2013

My First Ever FLOWBOX unopening!

As you know if you have been following me for a while now,  Mr B and I are vegetarians. I have been a veggie on and off for nearly my entire life. Mainly on than off to be honest. At one point I was veggie for ten straight years. It helped that my Mum was also veggie so she cooked the most scrumptious meals for us. My Dad is and always will be a massive carnivore! I also like to be conscious of what I am putting in and on and around my body.

I prefer to go for more natural or environmentally products where possible. The only thing I find is that I struggle to find good or new products. My town isn't all that big and we only have a very small health food shop that couldn't possibly stock lots of things. I guess in a way I was starting to get a bit fed up with the same stuff all the time.

As you know I already subscribe to Glossybox and Graze as I do unboxing and reviews for those for you which I know from your comments you love to see! Whilst browsing the net one day I came accross an advert (I think, I can't really remember now!) for The Flowbox and I was really excited to find out that this monthly subscription box would be full of eco-friendly products for the home, toiletries and also vegan food. Perfect!

The Flowbox launched only this month with this being the first ever box that they sent out so I was even more excited to share it with you guys! So I hope you enjoy my unboxing. I was really very impressed with the variety and type of products as well as the size. No sample / trial sizes here!! It even included a box of tea. Yay!

Now I paid for my box and will continue to do so, I don't have an affilitate link or anything but I do have a coupon code for you to get £5 off your first box should you wish to sign up. Just to clarify, I don't get anything for this (in case you were wondering), I am just passing it on for you!  Use code GOFLOW13 for £5 off at


  1. What a fun box! You did a great job at describing everything. They wrap it all up beautifully. TFS ; )