Friday, 27 February 2015

Filofax A5 Turqoise Patent Domino + My Birthday Present Haul

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I thought I would share with you the things that I was so lucky enough to receive. I felt (and still do) feel very loved. All my friends and family were so kind and thoughtful and generous and I got some lovely things. They all know me so well as you will see from the video, everything is just so me!

Some of the presentd I kinda didn't want to open, I mean I did because I wanted to see what was inside but the packaging was just so amazing that it seemed a shame to ruin it. I instantly thought of Julie Andrews and her voice has been going round in my head..."brown paper packages tied up with string" it is true isn't it, they are one of your favourite things especially when they are this pretty!

Mr B told me on Tuesday morning as he was leaving for work that he was expecting two parcels and that I wasn't to touch them or snoop. I mean seriously when someone says that to you, what are you going to do? That's right you are going to try to squeeze, shake and try to work out the contents of the box. I knew it was for me otherwise he wouldn't have said that, the other giveaway was that the box was covered in Colemans tape and Mr B never buys stationery!

Well on Wednesday when I opened my presents I discovered that it was what I thought it was. I had a good hunch as I tipped Jon off that Colemans had 30% off Filofaxes at the moment, he listened and he bought me the A5 Domino in patent turqoise. Oh my goodness, it looked lovely from photos on the net but in really life it is absolutely stunning. I love it so much!

I will be back at some point to share with you my set up. I have two A5 Filofaxes on the go already, one is a journal and the other is a home maintenace / household binder. All my other planners are personal size. One of my personal size planners houses all the information for the fur babies but I am finding this size not working. All the invoices and information the vets give us is A5 so time to upgrade the size of the girls planner! Of course I will show you how I set that up and everything. I have a few things in the pipeline I need to share, I just need to find the time in which to do it as life just seems so busy at the moment. Best use a planner to plan in some time then huh!

Anyways my lovlies, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I was very kindly given, I know a lot of you like hauls so you can discover new products yourself and just have a nosey, I know I do. I vlogged on my birthday as we went to London for the day and I have popped that in below if you would like to watch it. See you soon!

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