Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Am I taking part in One Book July this year?

You know me, self confessed Planner Addict and Journal nerd. It's true I have several planners and several journals on the go at any one time.

I have been increasingly asked of late if I will be taking part in 'One Book July'. Now some of the questions have been a general interst from people who are generally interested in stationery and notebooks etc like myself, wanting to know if I will be taking part and my set up etc. Other times I have felt that they have been a little bit 'mocking' like; 'you couldn't possibly do it all in one book. Hard to explain that one, but some I have felt have mocked my multiple planners. They just don't know me at all lol!

Firstly let me say that there is a reason that I have multiples. I enjoy it. Yup, I enjoy using different books, for different things. Some books speak mixed media art to me and others speak little sketches. I just genuinely enjoy using different books at different times. Some of them I am in all the time and others I dip in and out of. I love the joy of finding a new journal in a shop as I am sure many stationery addicts will feel the same way. So I use multiples for fun and enjoyment not out of neccessity.

If you have no idea what I am talking about in terms of 'One Book July', this was a concept created by the Coffee Addicts Club, Rhomany, Miss Vicky B and Carrie Harling. Take a look at the video below as Rhomany introduces the concept and tells you what it is all about:

You can also head on over to the Facebook to see what is going on: www.facebook.com/onebookjuly

I watched all the girls with great interest last year and what they were up to. I also follow the lovely Suzi Blu and her Paint & Chronicle series with great interest. Basically Suzi uses one book for all her planning and journalling. If you don't know about that check out Suzi's video below:

I have been watching every week and every week I adore her books the way they grow with her. I lust and yearn for one book that combines my life in such a way yet nothing has of yet made me make that switch, that move to one book. Maybe I just haven't found that one book that excites me enough to plan and journal in it. I just love to use multiples even though I really do want to use one book. What is that all about huh?

So am I taking part in One Book July this year? let me explain it in a video....

How about you guys? Are you taking part? I would love to know if you are, what you are using and all the reasons behind it. And if you care to share photos I would love to see those too as I love to oggle other peoples journals.

Good luck to everyone taking part!

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