Sunday, 7 June 2015

How to fill your fountain pen with bottled ink

I just thought I would do a quick little tutorial to show you (if you weren't sure) how to fill a fountain pen that takes ink from a bottle as opposed to ink cartridges. As you may know some of the June Brimbles Boxes contained pens like this and it has cause a little bit of confusion so here I show you how!

Where do you get the ink?

Bottled ink isn't as hard to come by as you may think, there are a few 'high street' / accessible places. I have the Cross brand ink in black which I purchased for £4 from Paperchase. I also know that WH Smith sell the Parker brand for about £8.

Adam is a total ink guru so I really reccommend you check out his blog for reviews on different ink brands and where to get some of the more exotic ones:

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