Monday, 8 February 2016

Crafty Arty Planning

Where to start? What didn't I do with this box! I think this had to be one of the most versatile boxes yet. That or I just came up with more creative ways! Let's start with the dashboard. 

Some of you may already know I'm currently working on a project this year called The Documented Life Project 2016. I put my A5 dashboard from the box into my unPlanner for the project as the quote seemed appropriate. It went beautifully! I then noticed the stickers which came in the box were absolutely perfect for the Kraft pages. I used both the white and black stickers on the kraft paper. You can just about see the white numeral stickers. 

Next, the stickers inspired me to use a black AND white art trading card for one of the challenges set called PAC's, Project Art Cards. Using paint from the Docrafts range, my sewing machine, and the stickers, I created two PAC's. 

Recently I was gifted for my birthday a beautiful fabric dori bought from the lovely Lyra and Co. I am using this as a spiritual journal. The stickers from my Brimbles box even went into decorating a journal card I used in this journaling.

Finally, this months box went perfectly with my platinum Carpe Diem planner. I began by using the gold washi tape to decorate the pages. Next, I numbered the days using the gold stickers.

The pocket envelopes in the box gave me an idea. As I'm looking for memorabilia for scrapbooking and memory keeping I thought the pockets would be ideal to use to store receipts, wristbands, etc. I took some spotted washi from my ever growing washi collection to decorate the inside lip of the envelope. Next I used the stickers to embellish the front.

Finally, using my white signo uni-ball pen, I wrote on the front and put it in my planner.

Phew! And that is how you use your Brimbles box to the max! As a side note, I did use my gold tassel too. I actually made these up for this months Brimbles box and kept one aside for myself. [caption id="attachment_494" align="aligncenter" width="150"][/caption]  

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  1. Great post Geraldine and I love everything you did with the goodies from the box. Lots of inspiration!