Saturday, 6 February 2016

Happy Mail Decoration, Using Pockets!

As soon as I opened January's Happy Mail Brimbles Box, I had ideas buzzing in my head.
I was so in love with the colours, and the products all went so perfectly together. I had a few letters I needed to reply to, so decided to crack into the Happy Mail Box and get some happy mail made!

I chose to attach some of the pockets into one of the cards, in a long line. This meant they would fold up into the card easily. I made sure the bag saying 'HELLO' was on the top, so when my penpal opened the card it would be the first thing they saw. I added a little gold binder clip (from Tiger) to all of the bags once I'd finished to hold them all in one place. As this was a mini binder clip, it didn't add too much bulk to the card.

I wrote the letter part of the happy mail on the actual card, I decorated it using black, gold and silver washi tape and stickers. I also used some kraft paper on this section, as it went really well with the rest of the colours. The gold striped washi tape is from Cloudy Cow, the flim strip washi tape was a gift, the typewriter font stickers are from Hobbycraft, the silver star stickers are from Paperchase, the kraft sticky tab is from HEMA, and the little 'Hello' sticker is from Mrs Brimbles' shop.

On the back of the pocket section I decided to add a bit of decoration, as the back of this bag was going to be seen when you flip it over to read the rest of the letter, it would look a bit bare if not. I used one of the caption stickers from my Happy Mail Box, and added a little quote on there, along with a little collage of stickers and washi tape. 

I filled the pockets with lots of goodies! I loved using the little gold glitter hearts from my Happy Mail Box as tabs, so it made things easier to pull out from the pockets.

I'm really happy with how this turned out, and I really hope my penpal likes it!!
I did record a full process video of how I put this happy mail piece together, so if you want to see that, you can watch it here:

I love how much you can get out of the Happy Mail box, I used a lot of different things this piece, but I still have loads left over for more mail!

- Daisy X


  1. Watching this makes me want to get into pen-palling, Daisy! Just gorgeous. I love how you used the pockets.

    the Noveltea Corner

  2. Love the way you used the journaling tags on your little sacks and various places in your planner. I needed the inspiration I am seeing today.