Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Adventure Journaling Review and Creative Journal Flip Through

Phew, I love a bit of memory keeping and have finally completed my Plannercon Europe Creative journal and my Summer adventures travelogue. I have been so inspired by Anna Brims online course on creating an 'Adventure Journal', I can highly recommend it. I will talk you through the basics of the course and how I got started on my Adventure journeys, right through to the finished product including my full creative journal flip throughs.


My pages from my summer 'Adventure Journal'

What is 'Adventure Journaling' all about?

I don't want to waffle on too much (well I am doing a journal about Belgium!), as Anna explains it all in the course itself, so firstly check out Anna's link on Mrs Brimbles to read all about the course.
Mrs Brimbles Adventure Journaling Course

If you want to creative a travel journal, but have no idea where to start then this is a great place to learn. Anna guides you through what an adventure is and gets you to write down what your adventure might be. There are guided videos and information as well as art tutorials if you want to draw or paint in your journal either before, during or after the trip. I have added my initial pages that I completed for the course and ideas below in both my smash book and in my Junk Journal.

Setting up the Journal before you go:

The next few lessons involve getting your kit together to make the journal and what pre-prep planning you can do to your pages before you go, as well as what supplies to take with you. I always add simple backgrounds, journaling cards and stickers etc before I go and then leave space to write or stick photos in. Supplies wise I take a basic kit of pens and washi tape etc, but Anna explains this far better than me.

I have loved the course and so much is packed in to the lessons making it great value for money. You can sign up to the course here

Have a look at my completed journal below and then be sure to have a look at my photos below the video.

So that's it, my finished insert and almost finished insert from the day. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and completing the journals and as you know I am now a little journal obsessed. I can't wait to choose my next 'adventure'.

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