Saturday, 27 January 2018

Art Journal Page - Watercolour and Collage

Anna Brim has some amazing goodies from the collage sheets and tutorials this month over on her patreon page, so many so that I was having so many creative ideas. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you get new art goodies and I guess this happened to me this month. I tried to create something that people could use as ideas, but everything I tried just didn't resonate with me and it didn't feel organic enough.

I wasn't happy with what I was creating until I thought about the elements on the collage sheets and referred back to my previous art journaling style of the zetti collage style where I rip up sheets and deconstruct the images and manipulate them into something new. It was at this point I came about seeing Anna's gorgeous acrylic pour art sheets as sea. Anna included a lovely sheet with a girl with blue hair and instantly I knew she was going to become a mermaid.

Art Journal Process

I painted a mix of pinks and purple watercolour on to the page, then proceeded to rip up the collage sheet to make the sea, the swirls from the sheet are beautiful and actually remind me of a swirling Lush bath bomb. Next I glued the girls top half on to the page (also one of Anna's collage sheets) and then in pencil drew on the mermaid tail which is half in the water.

 Next came the watercolour for the tail, which was create by mixing blues and white and then adding some blobs of the Gansai Tambi Watercolours in gold (Starry Colours). To finish the painting itself, I added some more splashes of the gold paint in the blue gold, this really added texture to the piece making it seem like it had been sprinkled in sand.

It needed a quote and straight away I thought of 'The Little Mermaid'. I was at a planner meet at a friends house as I was creating this, so asked around the table if anyone had a quote. We found the perfect one: 'She longs for the wild salt air'. A final die cut shape was added to add a coral type look and the page was finished. I am so happy with the final page and pleased that I have gone back to my original style.

5 Minute Art Page

In addition to the art collage page, I also created a quick 5 minute journal page using 2 small journal card sized sheets that Anna had added from her own old journal pages. I added a watercolour wash to the page and then added the girl on the star. I decided to cut up the second quote sheet to spread this out across the page. An instant inspirational quote page for my journal.

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