Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A leap into fashion and bodies...

I often struggle when it comes to drawing figures and I really don't know why as other people tell me they are easier than faces. I really want to improve on that aspect of my drawing so I was having a look on Pinterest at people to see how I could translate body shapes into my art.

I came accross this image:

and well I love vintage fashion anyway but I just love the illustration of these ladies. I took that on board and began to sketch my own interpretation and I wanted to share the result with you. Here she is:

I am fairly pleased with her as an initial concept. I am sure I am like many artists whereby you can't decide whether it is actually finished or not or if you want to do anything else to her. I feel at this stage I would be better to start from scratch on a new lady for fear of making this one any worse lol!

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