Monday, 18 March 2013

Passing the time away with a doodle

We haven't really watched much TV since the New Year. We were finding that we were getting sucked into pretty rubbish programmes, watching just for the sake of it really and then the evening seemed to wizz by and we felt so lethargic because of it. So we decided not to put the telly on unless there was something really specific we wanted to watch and you know we haven't really done that. I suppose some of it is probably a catch 22, we haven't had the telly on so don't know if there is anything good to watch or not. You know what though I really haven't been that bothered. We have had more energy, spoke to each other more and had the time to do other things. I have created so much more artwork since not having the telly on and I love it.

So last night we had some relaxing music on and hubby was working away on the laptop so I decided to play in my sketchbook / art journal. I had found some pencils whilst having a sort out (as you do. I swear I must have art stuff everywhere). They are only children's cheapies but still they are the only pencils I have and I fancied having a go with them. The result:

They were so hard to work with they really were. I had to scratch and dig away at the paper just to get any colour down on the page and they did not blend at all. As you can see there are lots of lines and scratches. But never mind because you know I enjoyed the process and well quite frankly that is all that matters isn't it. I didn't even feel like adding any words around her.

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