Friday, 22 March 2013

The fluffies in my life!

We are hopefully moving house soon, we are just in the process of doing all the legal what not. I can't wait for the move. I feel like we have really out grown our little house and with working from home I so need the space! Anyhoooo, we were chatting about what we would miss about this house and just generally having a bit of a reminisce about the place and we remembered the first pets we got. In the 9 years that we have lived here we have had:

Bob (Bunny) - Lived to be 8 years old
Dexter (Bunny) - Bob's mate who unfortunately at age 5 got fly strike quite badly :(
Arthur Fonzarelli aka Fonz (Bunny) - was a rescue who was abandoned in a box so we took him in. Bob and Fonz used to fight, they did not get on. Fonz had a tumour and was approx 6 months old when he passed
Christmas Cracker (Guinea Pig) - passed on when he was about 4 due to a tumour
Larry (Guinea Pig) - passed suddenly at approx age 3, reason unknown

Splodge (Bunny) - happy and with us at the age of approx 5. She was a rescue
Nibbles (Bunny) - Splodge's 4 year old daughter, still happy and with us
Bert (Guinea Pig) - Larry's friend who is still with us at a happy age of 5
Betty (Guinea Pig) - Bought as a companion for Bert when he lost Larry. She is age 2 and happy with us.

As you can see we have had a few and they have overlapped. All the lovelies that are not with us any more are burried in the garden under their favorite spots. I was just thinking about leaving them behind and my sketchbook was open and this is the result.

I will post some pics too so you can see the fluffies! Cute-ness overload are you ready!

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