Friday, 11 October 2013

Book Review - The House of Velvet & Glass by Katherine Howe

Hi guys, I have another book review for you.

I found this book really hard to review actually as it wasn't really very clear cut for me. I liked it mostly but there were parts that didn't match my expectations based on the blurb on the back cover.  I needed tea to get the grey matter lubricated and into action.

Don't get me wrong this book was great for character description and scene setting and I really got into the family and felt really part of the family even. For that it was fabulous. I felt that the more psychic and occult aspects of the book weren't as "out there" as the description lead me to believe so if you are not into that I wouldn't worry. So you can see why I had a difficult time reviewing this.

Do let me know if you have read this book and what you thought of it though. I don't go to a book club so I would love to discuss this with you. It makes you think things you hadn't thunk of before!

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