Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How I Organise My Life (Part Four: Health, Diet, Fitness & Medication) Using my Filofax

Welcome to the fourth in the five part "How I organise my Life" series. The part focuses entirely on health - how I organise and track what I eat for weight loss and motivation purposes, my fitness - making sure that I have done some that week because if I don't write it down a whole week could go by, yes I am that naughty, my weight loss and the medication I am taking.

If you would like to purchase my filofax inserts they are available in my etsy shop. This video isn't about selling though, I just wanted to show you how I do it and inspire you and give you some ideas on how you can organise your life too.

As you know, the other instalments to look our for are:

Part 1: How I organise my Home, work and Personal Life
Part 2: A GIVEAWAY!!! As a thank you to my subscribers I will be giving away a filofax and the tools to get you set up and on your filofax journey!
Part 3: How I organise for Christmas
Part 4: How I organise my diet, lifestyle, health & fitness
Part 5: How I organise my "Children" (two bunnies and two guinea pigs)
A sort of part 6 which is a round up!

They are or will be available both on this blog and on my YouTube channel.

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