Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Washi experience

I am a strange one. An outcast in the art and crafty community. Why? Well I seem to be the only one that does not own a single roll of washi tape. Not one. Zilch. Haven't even used a piece. I feel so hard done by lol! I just have never felt the 'need' I suppose.

When I saw on facebook that Mikaela from Stampin Up was running a washi tape class near me I thought I have got to get myself on! So myself and a friend and her friend went and we had a lovely evening. Mikaela is a very talented lady and is so lovely and friendly, she was a delight! It was lovely to be able to have a nice cup of tea and craft along with other people. I was so excited by the washi tape I couldn't help but randomly clap throughout the evening. I even instagramed as we went!

I just thought I would share with you what we made. Now mine are a bit wonky in places as I am a bit slap dash and used to just sloshing paint around rather than card making but I loved it all the same. So seasoned card makers please don't laugh at my attempts!

We made a lovely little box and several cards to put in said box. I think they are really cute if I do say so myself and I love them. I should so get some washi!

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